INDIGO COUTURE is a one-man-brand with a passion for design and an obsession for NATURAL INDIGO.

My name is Philip Florance, I live in Sydney, Australia and I am fortunate to have had a rewarding and fulfilling career as a clothing designer for more than 40 years. I still have a youthful enthusiasm and energy and cannot imagine a life without design.




The story of my brand and my obsession with natural indigo began in the late 80's on a work related trip to Milan, Italy.  While I was there I bought an indigo dyed tee-shirt that had a similar colour and look to blue jeans; it also faded just like blue jeans and I wore it until it fell apart.  The strong memory of that beautiful indigo colour, and how it changed over time, stayed with me and so 5 years ago I decided to down tools and chase a dream to build an eco-brand based on natural indigo and natural organic yarns and to make it one of the most unique and sustainable brands on the planet.        The reality proved to be something entirely different; what I thought might take 18 months to produce my first garment actually took 5 years and became a labour of love.                                                                                                                              

Natural indigo dye requires the skilled hands of artisan craftsmen because it is very difficult to handle and dyeing with it is very time consuming.  The process from the production of the dye through to the knitting of the yarn requires input from experts in several different fields to achieve one goal, but even then it can still be very much a process of trial and error, perseverance and faith.

So the journey has been a steep learning curve, it's been challenging and frustrating,  but always exciting, educational and enlightening.  And I have achieved my goal, my dream!  I have had premium organic cotton yarn expertly hand-dyed with eco-friendly natural indigo, knitted the yarn into super soft jersey and with attention to detail, quality and design integrity, have crafted some unique and sustainable garments of which I am very proud.