No one knows I exist.

No one knows that I make a very unique, high quality sustainable product from a resource with a 4000 year history.

No one knows that I have spent the past five and a half years being challenged, educated, frustrated and enlightened on the journey to develop my product.


I am a one-man-brand from a small picturesque suburb in Sydney, Australia, and not only do I have to get my product made, I have to sell it as well.  In an ocean of like product, I have to get peoples attention, and to do that it is essential that my product has a point of difference.  Design integrity is fundamental, attention to detail is inherent and it must tell a story.  Even then I could still be swallowed up, so constant focus is integral.

My career strength has always been design while others took care of marketing and sales.  Paralleling the R & D for my product, I have been on a steep learning curve to acquire the marketing skills essential for a one-man-brand.  What an amazing resource the internet is!  Resources that cost thousands of dollars in the 80's are now free; you just need to invest the time to exploit them.


So with a unique, high quality and very green product, of which I am very proud, some newly acquired marketing skills thanks to the web, a beautiful new website and online store, I am ready to launch into the vast ocean that is the global fashion market place.



June 26, 2015 by PHILIP FLORANCE
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John Barron

John Barron said:

Hi Philip,

Just found your site…

As I write to you I’m sitting at my desk wearing an indigo t shirt and indigo shorts!

Love your story and hope things are going well for you.

If you ever need a bed in London just let me know. You would be very welcome.


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