Indigo Couture – The T-Shirt Equivalent Of Your Favourite Blue Jeans

Schön! Indigo Couture ist ein One-Man-Label aus Sydney, Australien – Philip Florance, der Mann hinter dem Label, kann auf 40 Jahre Erfahrung als Kleiderdesigner zurückblicken. Philip ist ganz dem natürlichen blauen Farbstoff Indigo (einer der ältesten Farben überhaupt, die bereits seit 4000 Jahren bekannt ist) verfallen und lässt damit seine Shirts färben:

Premium organic cotton yarn is hand-dyed with natural indigo by artisan craftsmen, the yarn is knitted into soft jersey and then crafted into some of the world’s most unique and sustainable garments.
Mit den Shirts erfüllt sich Philip auch einen langgehegten Traum, der in den 1980er Jahren in Italien mit einem Indigo-gefärbten Shirt begann. Nach 5 Jahren Entwicklungszeit hat er es nun geschafft, Shirts aus Biobaumwolle so mit natürlichem Indigo zu färben (bzw. von The Colours of Nature in Auroville, Indien, färben zu lassen), dass sie auch seinen Erwartungen und Ansprüchen standhalten. Produziert werden die Shirts in einer sweatshop-freien Fabrik in Australien, gedruckt wird mit wasserbasierten Farben und auch bei der Umverpackung gibt es keine Umweltkompromisse: Der Umschlag besteht aus 100 Post-Consumer-Waste (Abfälle, die vom Endkunden produziert werden) und wird mit Gemüse-Farben bedruckt. Der erste Wurf von Indigo Couture besteht aus 8 Shirts (4 Designs in jeweils zwei Ausführungen) – mein Favorit ist das schlichte Plain Indigo-Shirt, das mit der Zeit, wie eine Jeans, ausbleichen wird. Toll!
PS.: Lasst euch von den Preisen nicht schrecken, es handelt sich hier um Australische Dollar!

August 10, 2015 by PHILIP FLORANCE


Indigo Couture – A New Blue on the Block
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It’s 4 a.m. in the morning and I’m left out without balance in my cellphone some 20 km from my hotel in Tirupur. Luckily there are several rickshaws parked who are willing to take me for 200 rupees. I get to my hotel, not sure whether to sleep or stay awake until my contact comes to pick me up. I slept. But not enough cause my contact didn’t pick me up until 12 midday!

Anyway, so here I am, in the Hub of knit in India. Tirupur is called and it’s a horrible city with no charm whatsoever. A polluted smelly river dividing the city into two parts, equally dirty. Yes, if your t-shirt was made in India, it was probably done here.

And then again, the best of India is that you can get the two extremes in the same place. From the most horrendous images to breathtaking ones. And I got my breathtaking one when I saw for the first time yarn dyed knit. Now you can see the pictures, isn’t it something?

So despite the uncomfortable traveling, lack of sleep, and inhaled pollution, I have to thank Philip Florance for this chance.


A Biker in spirit, with more than 20 years living and breathing fashion has recently designed these fabrics for his brand Indigo Couture. Focused on Café Racers, a light-weight, lightly-powered motorcycle optimized for speed and quick rides over short distances, this new product won’t see the light on nearby shelves until next april 2016 if everything comes as planned. The thing about slow fashion, is that you have to care more for the product, independently of the seasons. So we are expecting a high quality garment focused on the details and a very elaborated fabric.

As already mentioned, this fabric has been yarn dyed in naturally grown fermented indigo. Which means that every yarn has been dyed individually by hand in pots maintained over decades now with the same dying water. Just imagine the attention each pot needs.

And the same attention was needed for the selection of the yarn and the knitting process. An amazing quality fabric, but not suited for fast fashion production. Due to the roughness the Indigo imprinted in the yarn, during the knitting process it broke in several occasions making holes and ladders here and there. However, with care and attention, changing speed and controlling needles Philip Florance ended up with a magnificent fabric ready for more care in the finishing line.

Philip’s passion for Indigo started when he developed the same fabric but in chemical dyes back in the 80’s. It wasn’t only the color and the look, it was how it aged within the knit fabric why Indigo became his ‘raison d’être’.

But the traveling had not been easy. Started 5 years back with different suppliers dying the yarn and doing the knitting in Australia, but the resulting fabric was always a loss. It wasn’t until recently when perhaps Philip finally understood that to achieve this fabric what he needed was care and attention from all sides. And the knitting had to be done in this way, even so if stopping every 5 minutes to adjust the needles. And that can only be achieved by the supplier who is risking his business on his promise.

Despite the failures and the economic loss, commitment is everything in terms of achieving a sustainable fashion. Commitment to oneself, to your ideas, to your believes and, on the long term, to your supplier.


Philip’s website Indigo Couture is up and running with the final results. Faithful to his ideas you can see how good his fabric looks on a Harley! And don’t miss on the little details… Good attention to his packaging!

August 10, 2015 by PHILIP FLORANCE


August 10, 2015 by PHILIP FLORANCE




Natural indigo, GOTS certified organic cotton, guaranteed sweatshop-free. If these promises pique your interest, then you’ll probably be even more thrilled to see how Indigo Couture has made it all tangible in one single garment that is not a pair of jeans!

Indigo Couture is an Australian one-man-brand founded by Philip Florance. After more than four decades in the fashion business, Philip had grown tired of the set ways of doing things. The memory of an indigo, yarn-dyed T-shirt that he had worn to shreds in the 80s gave him the idea to start Indigo Couture. But, it would prove challenging to find a supplier that could meet his high demands. Now, he has launched the brand’s first limited edition run of vintage biker-themed T-shirts.

The Sweet Symphony of Certified Organic Cotton and Natural Indigo

The GOTS certified premium organic cotton yarn is hand-dyed no fewer than 30 times in hanks with natural indigo in India. The yarn is then knitted into soft jersey, which is sewn into the T-shirt in Australia – sweatshop-free et al. Before the garments reach your doorstep, they’ve been individually packed in a striking envelope made from 100% post-consumer waste and printed with vegetable-based inks. Nothing half-hearted here.

Natural indigo is the world’s oldest man-made dye with a fascinating and colourful history dating back over four millennia. The natural kind that Indigo Couture uses is made from the indigofera plant and the entire dyeing process is biodegradable and 100% sustainable.

Natural, indigo-dyed cloth is hard to mass produce; the process is time-consuming and it requires the hands of skilled craftsmen, which makes it significantly more costly to produce compared to synthetic indigo-dyed cloth. The evidence of the natural indigo is the subtle shade variations, which occur throughout the garment.

If you like what you see, head over to Indigo Couture’s website and put in your order. The T-shirts retail for AUD95, which is approximately USD70 or €65 (plus shipping) and they are worth every penny.


August 10, 2015 by PHILIP FLORANCE


I am ready to launch into the vast ocean that is the global fashion market place.
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