NATURAL INDIGO is the world's oldest man-made dye with a fascinating and colourful history dating back over 4000 years. Made from the Indigofera plant, the indigo dye production and the hand-dyeing process are biodegradable and 100% sustainable.

In a process that cannot be rushed, the organic cotton yarn is dipped into the dye vat a total of 30 times to achieve its depth of colour.

Unlike toxic synthetic indigo, NATURAL INDIGO isn't mass produced, so the allure of NATURAL INDIGO is its rare nature, in that it’s difficult to handle in production, the process is time consuming and requires the skilled hands of artisan craftsmen, and is therefore significantly more costly to produce.

Hand-dyeing with NATURAL INDIGO results in subtle shade variations occurring throughout the garment, highlighting the beauty of hand-made imperfections and making each garment unique.





I also have a passion for packaging, so as my garments are special and in limited quantities, I wanted to present them in a distinctive envelope that would complement the garment.

As a statement of respect for the environment, the envelopes are made from 100% post consumer waste (PCW) board and had it printed with vegetable based inks.

Inside the envelope is information on the fascinating history of NATURAL INDIGO, the special characteristics of the unique fabric in my hand-dyed NATURAL INDIGO garments, plus some garment care instructions.